Tuesday, April 6, 2010

when Robert Pattinson was in Budapest...

Budapest is a city of choice when it comes to the film industry, one of the reasons for this, according to producer André Szőts is because Budapest "has kept the image of a city that is so diverse in building types from different eras that it could be substituted for (or disguised to be) any large European city", truly it is a beautiful city--the Danube, the old buildings, Buda Castle, Margit Island...

Bel Ami is being filmed in Budapest at this very moment. I know, because Eden went to St. Stephen's Balisica where apparently the wedding scene is being filmed. Eden is an avid fan of Robert Pattinson, as are many girls after the "Twilight phenomenon"--and I have to admit that even I was a bit curious about going to see the set and the actors even if from far away.

But it's a Tuesday--and Tuesdays I go to the orphanage. I was torn between going to see Robert and visiting the orphanage, after all it's not everyday that Robert Pattinson is in town. Well, it took me a little bit to decide, but of course I went to see "my kids" at the orphanage.
We didn't do anything splendind, we played cards, talked, and played hide-and-seek in a room where there is nowhere to hide, but I wouldn't have traded being with "my kids" for anything in this world. I wouldn't trade hearing their laughter, singing with them, having them sit on my lap and try to speak in English, for any big Hollywood star! Because at the end of the day, these kids, "my kids", they are my stars!

When Robert Pattinson was in Budapest...I went to play with the orphans and loved it!