Friday, April 2, 2010

10 days in Germany

I got the opportunity to go to Germany for ten days at the end of March with David--and I had what I like to call "the Bavarian experience" :)

Actually we went to the Frankfurt music fair--first time for me, and we visited all the wonderful people who've been helping our volunteer work for the past years. Each one of them makes our job possible, in various ways--helping with strings for the guitars, picks, cables, mics, drum sticks, guitar pedals, PA systems etc. A big Thank You to all of them!

We want to thank also Jan and Paula, and Christiana for having us in their homes and making our stay so pleasant.

After the Fair, David and I traveled South to Ulm, Ingolstadt, Neuburg a.d Donau (where we visited a children's clinic as clowns), Donauwörth and Erding. Thanks to all the people who helped with meals, hotel rooms, ice-cream and shoes :)
We had a lot of fun, met amazing people who helped towards our work in Hungary and provided for our every need. We enjoyed the weather and the countryside, and the food was excellent!

Thank you so much everyone of you, for your help! God bless till we meet again--hopefully soon!