Monday, September 20, 2010

It's so nice to be alive...

A few years ago I went on a trip to Germany. One morning I woke up, opened the shutters of the hotel room and spread my hands out as if to embrace the whole world and exclaimed
“It’s so nice to be alive in Germany!”
In that very minute I felt like nothing in the whole wide world could compare to the feeling of waking up and being alive in such a wonderful country.

I’ve said that line about a lot of places ever since. But if I had to say which one has been my favorite I would say without a doubt Hungary, and following close behind Poland. Hungary, because it’s home and I’ve been so happy there.

Coming back to Italy has meant leaving behind a whole lot of friends, a work I loved, and million beautiful memories. I made the decision to come back because of family matters. I put aside my own dreams to help my folks and although nobody asked me to give up anything (it was a choice I made all by myself, out of a great sense of duty), I did it with as much hostility I could muster up. I was intent on disliking everything about Italy, if I was going to give up Hungary, I was going to do it with resentment.

I’m not proud of my behavior, considering that I am all for possitive thinking and counting my blessings, but I felt it was my prerogative to be absolutely miserable this time around.

One morning, I was in the kitchen playing with my baby nephew, the television was on and it was the News Channel. They were showing scenes of 9/11–I hadn’t realized the date in the calendar.
It wasn’t a wake up call–not really. Just a timely reminder that after all “IT’S SO NICE TO BE ALIVE” anywhere in the world.

Still I thought I should come up with practical steps that would help me look at the bright side. Here they are:

-Say each day “It’s so nice to be alive in Italy!”
-Keep a one sentence journal describing the best thing that happened that day
-Say hi to everyone (be friendly)
-Experience Italy. Live with passion!

I miss Hungary, I long to go back, but I’m going to make the best of my time in Italy and gradually turn my “iron” world into “gold”…