Monday, April 20, 2009


I met Zita in February—we were showing our project brochure to different companies and we went into the shop where she works, and that’s how we met.
We talked a little, and we explained the work we do, and the visits to the hospitals and summer camps for the orphans in Transylvania, and she was very interested in coming along.
We took her to the hospital in one of our visits and she loved it! She dressed up as a clown and talked to the children and helped me translate for the little ones.
Zita also will come with us this summer to the English Camp we are organizing. And we are very happy to have her come with us, because she has a good way with children and has a cheerful and sunny personality—and the best thing is that she is teaching me Hungarian.
Zita reminds me of what Mother Teresa wisely said “We don’t need to do big things, just little things with a lot of love”