Sunday, October 12, 2008

Music is the language of love

I came to Europe seven years ago, and have lived in 6 countries during that time. Except for Italy and Spain, I’ve been in countries where I didn’t speak the language. I was never long enough in a place to be able to learn much, besides the few greeting phrases that people always learns whenever they travel.
I like children. And the hardest part of my job has been not being able to talk to the kids, because they seldom speak English at a young age.
But I always find myself surrounded by children. If I go to the park, they crowd around me; on the bus and train, they show off and smile at me; when I go to visit poor families, kids sit on my lap and take me to their rooms and show me their toys.
And how do you think I communicate with them? Very simply—I sing to them.
Music can break down any barriers. Children love it when you pull out your guitar and sing them a song. They sit fascinated and watch you strum the strings, and they try to sing along.
Children feel it when someone likes them. There’s no need for words. Love is an universal language and music is the language of love